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Card Captor Sakura Snaps

Screencaps From Card Captor Sakura

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Welcome to CCS_Snaps. This is where you can request screencaps from the anime or post some yourself to share with fellow fans.

Requesting? Fill out this form.
Be descriptive please!

Episode Number (approximate if you don't know):
Describe which scene:
Specific wants:


1) All screencaps must be under an lj-cut. It's common Livejournal courtesy.
2) If you've filled out a request, please be patient. Remember that it isn't our obligation to fill out your request if you're rude.
3) Once your request is fulfilled, save it to your computer. No hot-linking is allowed.
4) If you're going to use a screencap for a wallpaper or icon, you must credit the person who was kind enough to take them even if you did not request them.
5) No character bashing whatsoever. We're all here to love them. ^_^
6) Respect all the other members. I will not hesitate to boot anyone causing problems.
7) Feel free to post your own screencaps as long as it was you who took them on your computer.
8) Screencaps from other animes are also permitted but don't go making sixteen posts without any CCS pictures at all.

Useful links

No, seriously. Free storage for up to 1000 pictures.